Premium Canva Templates Over 40% Off
Premium Canva Templates Over 40% Off
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Unlock Your Earning Potential with PLR Editable Budget Planner Templates

Unlock Your Earning Potential with PLR Editable Budget Planner Templates

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Budget planner PLR (Private Label Rights) templates are pre-made templates that are designed to help people plan and track their finances.

PLR templates can be a great way for digital sellers, coaches, finance experts, and Amazon KDP authors to create passive income streams by reselling them as PDF files to their audience.

High-quality 8.5 by 11 inch fully customizable financial planner with a lot of other essential pages. Plus, a cover made in Canva.

Are These Easy To Customize?

Yes, change the colors, fonts, and graphics to match your brand and sell it on your website or your online shop That's all! No Rocket science, my friend! 

You need a free or pro-Canva account. 

Disclaimers: Some functions might not work in FREE Canva. However, you can replace them with free options.

Disclaimers: Some functions might not work in FREE Canva however, you can replace them with free options.


It's important to note that while reselling budget planner PLR templates in a PDF form is allowed, reselling the templates "as is" is not. This means that the templates cannot be resold without making any changes or additions to them. In other words, the PLR templates should be modified to add value to the product and make it unique to the reseller's brand or audience.


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